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Welcome to raytraced 3G, 4G and 5G predictions

Thank you for visiting this web page. It adds a new dimension to the way you select your transmitter sites. You will now be able to see the coverage of a transmitter that you might eventually roll out in your network.

You can try our demo for free right now. Simply specify your Transmitter and Prediction choices below, and click Run. Note that your transmitter location is specified by clicking in the interactive map below.

Your prediction will be promptly processed on the Wavecall platform. When done (typically in a fraction of a minute) the prediction will appear in the interactive map below, and can be downloaded to your machine as a KML file (see 'Click for KML file'). Open the KML file to visualize the prediction, for example in Google Earth.

For more information on Wavecall visit our website or send support an email or call +41 79 372 9036.

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Colour Power (dBm)
>= -60
-61 to -70
-71 to -80
-81 to -90
-91 to -100
-101 to -110
-111 to -120
< -120